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@@ -334,16 +334,16 @@
   // Given the amount of live data in the heap, should we
   // perform a Full GC?
   bool should_full_GC(size_t live_in_old_gen);
-  // Calculates optimial free space sizes for both the old and young
+  // Calculates optimal free space sizes for both the young and tenured
   // generations.  Stores results in _eden_size and _promo_size.
   // Takes current used space in all generations as input, as well
   // as an indication if a full gc has just been performed, for use
   // in deciding if an OOM error should be thrown.
-  void compute_generation_free_space(size_t young_live,
+  void compute_generations_free_space(size_t young_live,
                                      size_t eden_live,
                                      size_t old_live,
                                      size_t cur_eden,  // current eden in bytes
                                      size_t max_old_gen_size,
                                      size_t max_eden_size,