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rev 13237 : imported patch 8183226-periodic-rem-set-summary-accesses-uninitialized-stuff
rev 13238 : imported patch 8183226-eridk-sjohanss-review
rev 13239 : imported patch 8183128-cleanup-refinecardtableentryclosure

@@ -47,15 +47,26 @@
 class G1SATBCardTableModRefBS;
 class G1ScanObjsDuringScanRSClosure;
 class G1ScanObjsDuringUpdateRSClosure;
 class HeapRegionClaimer;
+// Closure used for updating remembered sets and recording references that
+// point into the collection set while the mutator is running.
+// Assumed to be only executed concurrently with the mutator. Yields via
+// SuspendibleThreadSet after every card.
+class G1RefineCardConcurrentlyClosure: public CardTableEntryClosure {
+  bool do_card_ptr(jbyte* card_ptr, uint worker_i);
 // A G1RemSet in which each heap region has a rem set that records the
 // external heap references into it.  Uses a mod ref bs to track updates,
 // so that they can be used to update the individual region remsets.
 class G1RemSet: public CHeapObj<mtGC> {
+  G1RefineCardConcurrentlyClosure _refine_card_concurrently_cl;
   G1RemSetScanState* _scan_state;
   G1CardLiveData _card_live_data;
   G1RemSetSummary _prev_period_summary;

@@ -125,10 +136,12 @@
   template <class T> void par_write_ref(HeapRegion* from, T* p, uint tid);
   // Eliminates any remembered set entries that correspond to dead heap ranges.
   void scrub(uint worker_num, HeapRegionClaimer* hrclaimer);
+  G1RefineCardConcurrentlyClosure* refine_card_concurrently_closure() { return &_refine_card_concurrently_cl; }
   // Refine the card corresponding to "card_ptr". Safe to be called concurrently
   // to the mutator.
   void refine_card_concurrently(jbyte* card_ptr,
                                 uint worker_i);
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