1 param.app-name.name=App Name
   2 param.app-name.description=The name of the application.
   4 param.app-fs-name.name=App File System Name
   5 param.app-fs-name.description=The name of the application suitable for file system use.  Typically this is just letters, numbers, dots, and dashes.
   7 param.app-resource.description=All of the files to place in the resources directory.  Including all needed jars as assets.
   8 param.app-resources.name=Resources
  10 param.app-resource-list.description=A List of RelativeFileSet objects containing all of the files to place in the resources directory.  Including all needed jars as assets.
  11 param.app-resources-list.name=Resources List
  13 param.build-root.name=Build Root
  14 param.build-root.description=The directory in which to use and place temporary files.
  16 param.category.name=Category
  17 param.category.description=The category oor group of the application.  Generally speaking you will also want to specify application specific categories as well.
  18 param.category.default=Unknown
  20 param.copyright.name=Copyright
  21 param.copyright.description=The copyright for the application.
  22 param.copyright.default=Copyright (C) {0,date,YYYY}
  24 param.description.name=Description
  25 param.description.description=A longer description of the application
  26 param.description.default=none
  28 param.desktop-shortcut-hint.name=Shortcut Hint
  29 param.desktop-shortcut-hint.description=If the bundler can create desktop shortcuts, should it make one?
  31 param.icon-file.name=Icon
  32 param.icon-file.description=The main icon of the application bundle.
  34 param.identifier.name=Identifier
  35 param.identifier.description=What is the machine readable identifier of this application?  The format should be a DNS name in reverse order, such as com.example.myapplication.
  37 param.arguments.name=Command Line Arguments
  38 param.arguments.description=Command Line Arguments to be passed to the main class if no arguments are specified by the launcher.
  40 param.jvm-options.name=JVM Options
  41 param.jvm-options.description=JVM flags and options to be passed in.
  43 param.jvm-system-properties.name=JVM System Properties
  44 param.jvm-system-properties.description=JVM System Properties (of the -Dname\=value variety).
  46 param.license-file.name=License
  47 param.license-file.description=The license file, relative to the assembled application directory.
  49 param.license-type.name=
  50 param.license-type.description=
  51 param.license-type.default=Unknown
  53 param.main-class.name=Main Class
  54 param.main-class.description=The main class for the application.  Either a javafx.application.Application instance or a java class with a main method.
  56 param.main-module.name=Main Module
  57 param.main-module.description=The main module for the application.  This is the module containing the main class.
  59 param.classpath.name=Main Jar Classpath
  60 param.classpath.description=The classpath from the main jar of the application, relative to the assembled application directory.
  62 param.main-jar.name=Main Jar
  63 param.main-jar.description=The main jar of the application.  This jar should have the main-class, and is relative to the assembled application dir.
  65 param.service-hint.name=Service Hint
  66 param.service-hint.description=The bundler should register the application as service/daemon
  68 param.start-on-install.name=Start On Install
  69 param.start-on-install.description=Controls whether the service/daemon should be started on install
  71 param.stop-on-uninstall.name=Stop On Uninstall
  72 param.stop-on-uninstall.description=Controls whether the service/daemon should be stopped on uninstall
  74 param.run-at-startup.name=Run At Startup
  75 param.run-at-startup.description=Controls whether the service/daemon should be started during system startup
  77 param.sign-bundle.name=Sign Bundle
  78 param.sign-bundle.description=If the bundler supports signing, request that the bundle be signed.  Default value varies between bundlers.  Bundlers that do not support signing will silently ignore this setting.
  80 param.menu-shortcut-hint.name=Menu Hint
  81 param.menu-shortcut-hint.description=If the bundler can add the application to the system menu, should it?
  83 param.name.name=Name
  84 param.name.description=The name of the application.
  86 param.preferences-id.name=Preferences ID
  87 param.preferences-id.description=The preferences node to search for User JVM Options.  The format be a slash delimited version of the main package name, such as "com/example/myapplication".
  89 param.preloader.name=JavaFX Preloader Class Name
  90 param.preloader.description=For JavaFX applications only, this is the Fully Qualified Class Name of the preloader class.  This class needs to exist in the classpath, preferably early in the path.
  92 param.runtime.name=JRE
  93 param.runtime.description=The Java Runtime to co-bundle.  The default value is the current JRE running the bundler.  A value of null will cause no JRE to be co-bundled and the system JRE will be used to launch the application.
  95 param.system-wide.name=System Wide
  96 param.system-wide.description=Should this application attempt to install itself system wide, or only for each user?  Null means use the system default.
  98 param.title.name=Title
  99 param.title.description=A title for the application.
 101 param.use-javafx-packaging.name=FX Packaging
 102 param.use-javafx-packaging.description=Should we use the JavaFX packaging conventions?
 104 param.user-jvm-options.name=User JVM Options
 105 param.user-jvm-options.description=JVM Options the user may override, along with their default values.
 107 param.vendor.name=Vendor
 108 param.vendor.description=The vendor of the application.
 109 param.vendor.default=Unknown
 111 param.version.name=Version
 112 param.version.description=The version of this application.
 113 param.version.default=1.0
 115 param.verbose.name=Verbose
 116 param.verbose.description=Flag to print out more information and saves configuration files for bundlers.
 118 param.drop-in-resources-root.name=Drop-In Resources Root
 119 param.drop-in-resources-root.description=The directory to look for bundler specific drop in resources.  If not set the classpath will be searched.
 121 param.secondary-launchers.name=Secondary Launchers
 122 param.secondary-launchers.description=A collection of bundle param info for secondary launchers
 124 param.file-associations.name=File Associations
 125 param.file-associations.description=A list of maps where each map describes a file association.  Uses the "fileAssociation." series of bundle arguments in each map.
 127 param.fa-extension.name=File Association Extension
 128 param.fa-extension.description=The File Extension to be associated, just the extension no dots.
 130 param.fa-content-type.name=File Association Content Type
 131 param.fa-content-type.description=Content Type to be associated.  Such as application/x-vnd.my-awesome-app.
 133 param.fa-icon.name=File Association Icon
 134 param.fa-icon.description=The Icon to be used for associated files.  Defaults to the application icon.
 136 param.fa-description.name=File Association Description
 137 param.fa-description.description=The description to be used for associated files.  The default is "<appName> File".
 139 param.commercial-features.name=Unlock Commercial Features
 140 param.commercial-features.description=Some options require commercial features to be unlocked.  This must be passed in as true to unlock those features.  Otherwise they will be ignored.
 142 param.com-app-cds.name=Enable AppCDS
 143 param.com-app-cds.description=Enabled and package with Application Class Data Sharing, including generation of .jsa file.
 145 param.com-app-cds-cache-mode.name=AppCDS Cache Mode
 146 param.com-app-cds-cache-mode.description=The mode in which the AppCDS .jpa files are generated and cached.  Current values are 'install', 'auto', and 'auto+install'.
 148 param.com-app-cds-root.name=AppCDS Root Classes
 149 param.com-app-cds-root.description=List of "root classes" for AppCDS to generate class sharing data from.  Default is the main class.
 151 param.source-dir.name=Source Directory
 152 param.source-dir.description=Path to the directory containing the files to be bundled.
 154 param.module-path.name=Module Path
 155 param.module-path.description=When packaging the Java Runtime, this is the path JLink will look in for modules.
 157 param.add-modules.name=Add Modules
 158 param.add-modules.description=List of Modules to add to JImage creation, including possible services.
 160 param.limit-modules.name=Limit Modules
 161 param.limit-modules.description=Modules to Limit JImage creation to.
 163 param.strip-executables.name=Strip Native Executables
 164 param.strip-executables.description=Removes native executables from the JImage creation.
 166 param.main.module.name=Main Module
 167 param.main.module.description=The main module of the application.  This module should have the main-class, and is on the module path.
 169 param.singleton.name=Singleton
 170 param.singleton.description=Prevents from launching multiple instances of application.
 172 error.required-parameter={0} is a required parameter.
 173 error.no-main-class-with-main-jar=An application class was not specified nor was one found in the jar {0}
 174 error.no-main-class-with-main-jar.advice=Please specify a applicationClass or ensure that the jar {0} specifies one in the manifest.
 175 error.no-main-class-with-classpath=An application class was not specified nor was one found in the supplied classpath
 176 error.no-main-class-with-classpath.advice=Please specify a applicationClass or ensure that the classpath has a jar containing one in the manifest.
 177 error.no-main-class=An application class was not specified nor was one found in the supplied application resources
 178 error.no-main-class.advice=Please specify a applicationClass or ensure that the appResources has a jar containing one in the manifest.
 179 error.main-jar-does-not-exist=The configured main jar does not exist {0}
 180 error.main-jar-does-not-exist.advice=The main jar must be specified relative to the app resources (not an absolute path), and must exist within those resources.
 182 message.fx-app-does-not-match-specified-main=The jar {0} has an FX Application class{1} that does not match the declared main {2}
 183 message.main-class-does-not-match-specified-main=The jar {0} has a main class {1} that does not match the declared main {2}
 185 warning.no.jdk.modules.found=Warning: No JDK Modules found.