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@@ -293,10 +293,12 @@
   // must be loaded to know it's volatile which means that the offset
   // it always known as well.
   void volatile_field_store(LIR_Opr value, LIR_Address* address, CodeEmitInfo* info);
   void volatile_field_load(LIR_Address* address, LIR_Opr result, CodeEmitInfo* info);
+  LIR_Opr unpack_offset(LIR_Opr src, LIR_Opr offset);
   void put_Object_unsafe(LIR_Opr src, LIR_Opr offset, LIR_Opr data, BasicType type, bool is_volatile);
   void get_Object_unsafe(LIR_Opr dest, LIR_Opr src, LIR_Opr offset, BasicType type, bool is_volatile);
   void arithmetic_call_op (Bytecodes::Code code, LIR_Opr result, LIR_OprList* args);
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