Module java.corba
Package org.omg.CORBA

Class ServiceInformation

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IDLEntity

    public final class ServiceInformation
    extends Object
    implements IDLEntity
    An IDL struct in the CORBA module that stores information about a CORBA service available in the ORB implementation and is obtained from the ORB.get_service_information method.
    • Field Detail

      • service_options

        public int[] service_options
        Array of ints representing service options.
      • service_details

        public ServiceDetail[] service_details
        Array of ServiceDetails giving more details about the service.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ServiceInformation

        public ServiceInformation()
        Constructs a ServiceInformation object with empty service_options and service_details.
      • ServiceInformation

        public ServiceInformation​(int[] __service_options,
                                  ServiceDetail[] __service_details)
        Constructs a ServiceInformation object with the given service_options and service_details.
        __service_options - An array of ints describing the service options.
        __service_details - An array of ServiceDetails describing the service details.