Module java.corba

Class AdapterManagerIdHelper

  • public abstract class AdapterManagerIdHelper
    extends Object
    Adapter manager identifier. Every object adapter has an adapter manager, indicated in this API only through the ID. A group of object adapter instances may share the same adapter manager, in which case state transitions reported for the adapter manager are observed by all object adapters with the same adapter manager ID.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AdapterManagerIdHelper

        public AdapterManagerIdHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • insert

        public static void insert​(Any a,
                                  int that)
      • extract

        public static int extract​(Any a)
      • id

        public static String id()
      • read

        public static int read​(InputStream istream)
      • write

        public static void write​(OutputStream ostream,
                                 int value)