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@@ -39,11 +39,11 @@
   CounterThreadCheck(uintx gbl_cnt) : _gbl_cnt(gbl_cnt) {}
   void do_thread(Thread* thread) {
     SpinYield yield;
     // Loops on this thread until it has exited the critical read section.
     while(true) {
-      uintx cnt = OrderAccess::load_acquire(thread->get_rcu_counter());
+      uintx cnt = Atomic::load_acquire(thread->get_rcu_counter());
       // This checks if the thread's counter is active. And if so is the counter
       // for a pre-existing reader (belongs to this grace period). A pre-existing
       // reader will have a lower counter than the global counter version for this
       // generation. If the counter is larger than the global counter version this
       //  is a new reader and we can continue.
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