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The fix for 6384206 added some new logic in ciTypeFlow that tries to
build a loop tree. It includes a check for irreducible loops and that
code assumes that it can walk up the loop tree at that point without
encountering NULL. For certain irreducible loops this isn't true and
the loop should just stop at the topmost loop and continue on. Fixing
that issue exposed another issue where the state of the OSR entry
block could contain a constant address local but since the state of
the OSR is loaded from the intepreter locals there's no guarantee that
they are actually in agreement. This is caused by the fact that
liveness_at_bci says that all locals are live when a debugger is
attached. The fix is to use the true liveness computation to filter
the locals at the OSR entry point.

Tested with failing test from customer and recently found CTW failure
for the same issue.

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